What is ‘The Training Hall’?


The Training Hall is owned and managed by Frances Holmes who also runs her Paws 4 Thought obedience classes at the facility.
The Training Hall is located at 162 Wescar Lane in Ottawa’s West End.  To  reach The Training Hall, use the form on our Contact Page or send an email to frances (@) thetraininghall (.) com.
The Training Hall is a 6000 square foot rental facility located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  It has three fully matted rings and is equipped to support most dog activities such as Obedience Classes, Conformation Handling Classes, Seminars, Flyball, Obedience Trials, Agility practice times, Show ‘n’ Go’s, and individuals who just want to train his or her dog.
The Training Hall has a retail division where clients can purchase such things as leashes, doggy treats, toys, clickers, training collars and bumpers.  In the main area of the Hall, one can find a television and a VCR so that clients can view any video that he or she may take of an obedience heeling routine or of a conformation ‘up and back’. There are also a number of existing ‘doggy’ video tapes available for viewing.
For the comfort of The Training Hall clients, there is nice sized lounge housing a fridge containing soft drinks and water, a microwave oven, snacks, and an extensive magazine rack with the latest in dog publications.