Mini Seminars at The Training Hall

People who have something interesting to say about dogs, are invited to speak to the dog community on selected Friday evenings. The speaker may address performance events, training issues, medical concerns, handler stress and any number of additional topics.   The mini seminars start at 7:30pm and finish at 9:30pm.  Refreshments are provided and the cost is $20.


What is an Obedience “SHOW ‘N’ GO”?

Show ‘n’ Go’s are often held at The Training Hall.  Join us for an informal time of run-throughs in trial-like conditions without the pre-trial nerves.
Cost: $10 per run through.


What is a “Rally-o Show ‘n’ Go”?

Rally obedience courses at various levels will be set up so that you will have the opportunity to try Rally, if you never have or practice for an upcoming trial, if that is your objective.


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